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Technology breakthroughs have caused the price of digital cameras and digital editing software to drop dramatically, allowing ordinary photographers to create extraordinary pictures inexpensively. With a multitude of in-camera features and computer programs that help photographers fine-tune their work, digital photography can inspire creativity in a different way than film-based photography.

Course Syllabus

  • History
  • Digital Camera
    1. Camera types and Accessories
    2. Caring for your Camera and Photos
    3. Range and Exposures
  • Camera Lenses
    1. Camera Lenses
    2. Lens Characteristics
    3. Camera Lens Filters
    4. Lenses and Optics
  • Photography Techniques
    1. Various features
    2. Techniques and Styles
    3. Exposure and Light Metering
    4. Composition
    5. Lighting Techniques
    6. The depth of Field and Aperture Control
    7. Action and Motion in Photography
    8. Photographer Research
    9. Studio Lighting for Portraiture
    10. Self Portraits
    11. Candid Photography
    12. Studio Strobe Lighting Techniques
  • Digital Photo Editing
    1. Learning digital photo editing tools
    2. Post photography techniques
    3. Tones and Contrast
    4. Sharpening and Details
    5. Photo Editing Techniques
    6. Image Stacking and Multiple Exposures
    7. Photo Stitching and Digital Panoramas
    8. Speciality Techniques
  • Post-Photography Session
    1. Re-create a Photograph
    2. SBlending Art and Photography
    3. Colour Management and Printing
    4. The Lab

Be Industry Ready

Students walk away with a rich portfolio comprising of best 3D and VFX project. This portfolio will be a gateway to joining animation and visual effect industry.

Delivery Method

  • Weekday batches: 5 days a week (2 hours per day)
  • Practical session backed by theory explanation
  • Practical assignment and Project-based learning
  • Industry-aligned creative and technical programs
  • Master classes by industry professionals


After successfully completion of the said program, a student is eligible for following job categories.

Fashion Photographer
Product & Commercial Photographer
Business & Industrial Photographer
Event Photographer (Wedding, Party, Concerts etc)
Freshers Working Professionals Entrepreneurs
Improve your Resume Start a new career Expand your business
Learn the latest technology and tools Advance your career growth by adding value to your CV Be aware of the latest technology and tools
Standout with a unique skill set Increase your work portfolio Save the cost of your prevailing business
Create an outstanding portfolio Work as a part-time freelancer Get industry recognised certificate

How to apply?


  • Students who have completed class 10 and are interested to join ZICA programs
  • Fill inquiry form
  • Admission to the institute would be based on the student’s performance in the creativity test

Schedule your Personal Interview

  • Screened by the faculty
  • Notification of the program start date.


  • Unleash your creative potential