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Multimedia is using more than one medium of expression of communication. Creative industries use multimedia for a variety of purposes ranging from fine arts to entertainment, to commercial art, to journalism, to media and software services. An individual multimedia designer may cover the spectrum throughout their career. Request for their skills ranges from technical to analytical, to creative.

Become a professional artist

In this ever demanding program, the student will learn different elements of Multimedia such as Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Sound Editing, Video Editing, Motion Graphics and 3D architectural animation.


  • Increase design and visualization skills
  • Learn complete Multimedia tools
  • Continuous evaluation through competitions and activities
  • Placement support

Course Syllabus

  • Fundamental of Computer & Basic Drawing
    1. Object drawing with light & shade
    2. Human sketching
    3. Perspective drawing
    4. Imaginative drawing
  • Computer Graphics
    1. Colour concepts
    2. Design tools
    3. Layer concept
    4. Masking
    5. Colour correction
    6. Image manipulation
    7. Filters
    8. Text Design
    9. Logo Design
  • Digital Illustration – 1
    1. Understanding the design tools
    2. Understanding Menu
    3. Design Logo
    4. Design Leaflet
    5. Design magazine cover
    6. Design Advertisement
  • Digital Illustration – 2
    1. Understanding design tools
    2. Working with text, filters & effects
    3. Logo design
    4. Page layouts
    5. Create advertisements
    6. Banner design
  • Digital Animation
    1. Learning animation tools
    2. Working with Text and Symbols
    3. Learn frame-by-Frame Animation
    4. Working with Motion Tweens
    5. Adding IK with the Bone Tool
    6. Working with Library, movie clip, filter, audio and video
    7. Integrating with Other Applications
    8. Publishing content
  • Web Layout
    1. Learn web development interface & tools
    2. Creating Interactive Images
    3. Validate Form, Using Third-Party Behaviors
    4. Learning CSS
    5. Layer properties, style, Positioning with CSS, Behaviors
    6. JavaScript Behaviors
    7. Frames and its properties
    8. Benefits of Using XHTML
    9. Testing the Site
    10. Setting up a Site and a Wizard
  • Video Editing
    1. The concept of Non-Linear Editing
    2. Basic Editing & Transitions
    3. Integrating Audio
    4. Advanced Editing
    5. Titling, Superimposing, Motion & Filters
  • Sound Editing
    1. Using the workspace
    2. Importing and recording
    3. Editing audio
    4. Cleaning and restoring audio
  • Motion Graphics
    1. Understanding the usage of After Effects
    2. Projects Planning, Composition Basics
    3. Animation and controls, Key-frame basics
    4. Masks and Transparency, Text Animation using Path
    5. Working with FX
    6. Plug-ins, Render Queue
  • 3D Animation
    1. 3D Modelling
    2. Texturing
    3. Lighting
    4. Animation
    5. Rendering

Be Industry Ready

Students walk away with a rich portfolio comprising of best 3D and VFX project. This portfolio will be a gateway to joining animation and visual effect industry.

Delivery Method

  • Weekday batches: 5 days a week (2 hours per day)
  • Practical session backed by theory explanation
  • Practical assignment and Project-based learning
  • Industry-aligned creative and technical programs
  • Master classes by industry professionals


A career in multimedia involves graphic design, audio, digital, print and video production. Video editors, web designers, and illustrators all work in the multimedia field. Although entry-level jobs can be obtained easily, most multimedia careers involve graphic design, web design, architectural walk-through, audio and video editing.


After successfully completion of the said program, a student is eligible for following job categories.

Graphic Designer
Logo Designer
Layout Designer
Desktop publisher
UI Designer
UX Designer
Website creator
Web Animator
Video Editor
3D Architectural walk-through artist
Freshers Working Professionals Entrepreneurs
Improve your Resume Start a new career Expand your business
Learn the latest technology and tools Advance your career growth by adding value to your CV Be aware of the latest technology and tools
Standout with a unique skill set Increase your work portfolio Save the cost of your prevailing business
Create an outstanding portfolio Work as a part-time freelancer Get industry recognised certificate

How to apply?


  • Students who have completed class 10 and are interested to join ZICA programs
  • Fill inquiry form
  • Admission to the institute would be based on the student’s performance in the creativity test

Schedule your Personal Interview

  • Screened by the faculty
  • Notification of the program start date.


  • Unleash your creative potential